Imagine the Jimi Hendrix Experience blending with the John Coltrane Quartet, heroic and atmospheric Pink Floyd-like elements, Led Zeppelin-like guitar riffs that went through a contemporary jazz filter, giving them a pinch of harmonic dissonance and rhythmic astonishment. You might also hear James Brown grooves. Everything slightly distorted yet you can't stop nodding your head.


PC ENERGETIC  is the international

trio of award-winning guitarist 

Philip Czarnecki. 

It stands for a fat, modern and colourful sound. Modern jazz meets the sound-aesthetics and raw energy of rock and funk. This results in rocky and funky guitar-riffs, energetic improvisations and compositions, which are rich in rhythmic and harmonic complexity on the one hand and narrative and melodic on the other. 

Furthermore responsible for the powerful, yet multi-layered and versatile sound is bassist Jonathan Ihlenfeld Cuñado and drummer Marc Ayza. On their debut-album "Illusion" the band features renowned saxophonist Jasper Blom and the singer Rakel Salazar. The album was released in February 2015 as part of the renowned series JazzThing Next Generation. Their second album "Course of the World" was released in January 2020 and underlines the bands path of pushing the boundaries of modern, improvisation-based music.

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