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Hey there! I'm Philip - I'm a guitarist, composer, producer and educator living in Cologne (Germany).

I am leading my Jazzrock trio PC ENERGETIC, which I released two albums with. I'm active on my YouTube channel, where I post different videos of my projects, guitar gear demos and tutorials. 

I am also working closely with the Neo-Soul singer Rakel Salazar. We also post a medley video of different artists very month over at her YouTube channel.

My last release however is an album with a brand new project called SONIC FRIDAY, which features musicians from Senegal and Germany. It's a project that I worked closely on with Mike Herting. Check it out!


During the course of my career I won a bunch of prizes for both my guitar-playing and my (Bigband-) compositions and I was lucky to share the stage with fantastic musicians in numerous European countries and in South Africa and India.

I hope you enjoy my website! Fore more daily updates feel free to check my Instagram profile!


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